picture of catFelines are First Prize Pets

Our Locking SmartCrock™ are perfect for cats traveling to and from shows, as is our No-Spill Water Bowl.

Our Square Meal and Deluxe Diner Bowls are perfect for indoors, with low, sleek lines and proportions perfect for cats. Square Meal Bowls are available in a variety of colors, and Deluxe Diner Bowls come in various marbleized finishes.

Outdoors, try our Anti-Pest and Cool-a-Pup bowls, as well as our larger Locking SmartCrock™.

For more information on our products, pricing and color choices, contact one of our customer representatives, or call (909) 923-9710.

Locking SmartCrock™
Photo Item No. Description Volume Diameter Case
Case Weight
item 4301 4301 SmartCrock™
Mini Crock
5 oz. 4" 24 9 lbs.
item 4303 4303 SmartCrock™
Small Crock
15 oz. 5" 24 13 lbs.
item 4305 4305 SmartCrock™
Medium Crock
20 oz. 6" 12 10
item 4307 4307 SmartCrock™
Large Crock
40 oz. 7" 12 12 lbs.
SmartCrock™Square Meal Bowls
Photo Item No. Description Width Height Case
Case Weight
3000 Anti-Skid
Cat Bowl
5 colors available
6" 1.5" 24 6 lbs.
SmartCrock™ Specialty Bowls
Photo Item No. Description Diameter Height Case
Case Weight
item 925 1500 SmartCrock™
Anti-Pest Food-Water Bowl (Medium)
6 Colors Available
9" 2" 24 12 lbs.
item 1007 1800 SmartCrock™
No-Spill Water Bowl
10 Colors Available
8" 3" 24 10 lbs.

Wide removable rim keeps water from splashing or spilling out.

Water in the outer moat keeps crawling insects out of food in the center.

SmartCrock™ lock to cage bars instead of wedging between them.

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