Square Meal Bowls and Deluxe Diner Bowls

food bowlsThe unique design of these bowls is superior to round bowls, with stay-put rubber pads, non-tipping features, and sizes for every pet. The shape and weighted design makes these bowls difficult for dogs to carry but easy to handle while cleaning.

Square Meal Bowls come in solid colors, while Deluxe Diner Bowls feature marbled finishes. Contact our customer representative, or call
(909) 923-9710 for more details.


SmartCrock™ Square Meal Bowls
Photo Item No. Description Volume Diameter Case Quantity Case Weight
3000 Anti-Skid Feet
Cat Bowl
5 colors available
6" 1.5" 24 6 lbs.
item 3002 3200 Anti-Skid Feet
Medium Dog Bowl
5 Colors Available
9.5" 2.5" 24 16 lbs.
item 3006 3600 Anti-Skid Feet
Large Dog Bowl
10 Colors Available
12" 3.5" 6 9 lbs.
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