Simple solution to your cagey problems

The In-and-Out line of products takes the patented quick-locking Smart design used in our SmartCrock™ one step further: A groove-and-flange design allows for quick removal of cups and trays while leaving the lock securely in place.

This is particularly convenient with birds or small pets, where escape from their cages is a concern. These items fit most cages, are dishwasher safe (top rack only), made of durable, non-toxic materials and come with a Limited Replacement Guarantee/Warranty.

Of special interest is our Smart Guard, a clear 10-inch disc that works with all our products. It provides a generous shield to deflect debris back into the cage without obstructing your view or your pet's.

For more information and ordering, contact our customer representative, or call (909) 923-9710.

In and Out Feeders
Photo Item No. Descriptions Volume Width/
Height Case
Case Weight
item 4309 4309 SmartCrock™ Round 10 oz. 5" 2" 24 13 lbs.
item 4310 4310 SmartCrock™ Millet Tray n/a 9" wide 1" 24 11 lbs.
item 4311 4311 SmartCrock™ D-Cup 5 oz. 5"
2" 24 7 lbs.
item 4312 4312 SmartCrock™ Corner Cup 7 oz. 5"
2" 24 7 lbs.
item 4403 4403 SmartCrock™ Guard
Debris Shield
n/a 10" dia. n/a 12 12 lbs.
item 4405 4405 SmartCrock™
Smorgasbord Accessory
for Smart Guard
n/a n/a n/a 12 12 lbs.
item 4503 4503 SmartCrock™ Diner
Double Feeder
10 oz. 5" 3" 12 6 lbs.
item 4951 4901 SmartCrock™ Bird Bath 10 oz. 5" 2" 24 13 lbs.
item 4951 4951 SmartCrock™ Bird Hut n/a 5" 4" 6 4 lbs.

smorgasbord birdThe Smogasbord Accessory Kit turns our SmartGuard into a treat station (treats not included).

The Smart Guard can be used with any of the SmartCrock™ or In-and-Out feeders

It deflects debris into the cage that would otherwise end up on the floor.

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