Unique bowl designs from First Prize Pets

Cool-a Pup is a thermal bowl with an outer chamber that can be filled with water and frozen, or filled with ice, keeping the bowl cool for up to 12 hours. In cold weather it can be filled with warm water to keep food or water from freezing. Fill it with sand to prevent pets from moving it.

Our Anti-Pest Bowls are specially designed for outdoor use and come in two sizes. The water in the outer moat serves as a barrier, keeping crawling insects from getting to your pet's food.

The No-Spill Water Dish is easy to fill, and has a removable rim that prevents spills and splashing, making it excellent for traveling pets.

For pricing, color availability or other questions, contact one of our customer representatives, or call (909) 923-9710.

SmartCrock™ Specialty Bowls
Photo Item No. Description Diameter Height Case Quantity Case Weight
item 925 1500 SmartCrock™
Anti-Pest Food-Water Bowl (Medium)
6 colors Available
9" 2" 24 12 lbs.
item 929 1600 SmartCrock™
Anti-Pest Food-Water Bowl (Large)
2 Colors Available
12" 4" 12 29 lbs.
item 1007 1800 SmartCrock™
No-Spill Water Bowl
10 Colors available
8" 3" 24 10 lbs.
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